Words link…

Well, it’s done now,
words written, raw
thought released, not
held in, too late now,
no going back, if only,
we’d met, we’d spoken,
eye-lined, heard words,
well, it’s done now,
finger trouble, texted.


For what it’s worth,
I’d been warned, that
photograph, too good,
not yours, too late, you
had me, looks and lines,
the way you took to being
mine, you never were, I see
it now, yet, years on, still ask,
could you, could I, be real?


Just a letter, lying there
found on return, a week
of junk mail layered thick
picked up, shuffled, let slip,
as if a plea, don’t bin, please
read, decades on, words link,
of her, of him, pull close,
erase past doubts, mistakes,
love’s last post, of her to him.

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